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Apple Developer Enterprise Account

Apple Developer Enterprise Account

There are three types of apple developer accounts: individual developer accounts, company developer accounts, and apple developer enterprise account.

The application guide for 2021 is as follows, which mainly requires the following steps:

Both individual developer accounts and corporate developer accounts can be uploaded to the App Store. The App Store can only download users. Without a corporate account, applications cannot reside in the App Store and can be downloaded to the Item-Services distribution.

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Enterprise accounts must be repackaged every year IPA, IPA package has the certificate information, the certificate is valid for one year, if a year is not updated, the APP will flash, updated more than once a year, there is no device number Settings, personal accounts and corporate accounts after upgrading to the App Store, there is usually no special case that does not need to update.

If you need to set up trusted apps after installing your enterprise account, you cannot omit system-level restrictions. There are no corporate and individual restrictions.

Enterprise accounts can only be located on their own server platform and cannot be commercialized in the App Store at all.

Personal and corporate accounts can only be used in the app store, and if you want to be on your own server platform or a third party platform, you have to collect the phone's UDID and add it to the account and then wrap it.Only 100 UDID can be added to each account.This means that up to 100 phones can be installed if this type of account is posted to its own server.After installing the new phone, you can first add the phone's UDID, then add it to the account, regenerate the certificate, repackage and publish, and finally install the new phone.This debugable package is valid for one year.IPA contains the certificate information, the certificate is valid for one year, unless the APP is updated within one year, otherwise cannot flash access, at least once a year, can only install a maximum of 100 devices. Apple developer enterprise account does not have this limitation.

The difference between a personal account and a company is the amount of collaboration. The difference between a corporate and an apple developer enterprise account is that multiple people can collaborate. The difference between an enterprise and a personal and a company account is that the enterprise cannot reside in the App Store; the individual and the company must reside in the App Store in order to publish.Second, the price is different.

Running the App Store for individuals and companies requires a manual audit by Apple.Audits usually take about seven days, and newer versions also require Apple audits.The review cycle is about 3 days. If the review fails to pass, IOS development needs to deal with it, so the cycle and update cycle are both ideal.Our product adaptation package updates do not require a review, and only submit versions for review when they contain basic changes to the APP.Enterprise publishing does not require auditing of its own servers or third-party platforms.Specific which account is better, there is no way to answer, it is different, which account is the most appropriate.

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