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Apple Developer Enterprise Program Certificate

Apple Developer Enterprise Program Certificate

We need to use apple developer enterprise program certificate.

In July of the following year, at WWDC, Apple announced the opening of the App Store, which meant that the era of the mobile web for developers had really begun, and iOS development came into being.

In a twinkling of an eye, more than a decade has passed, and mobile APP has become the standard for mass Internet products.

The rapid development of mobile technology has made a lot of people.

After the dividend period, there will inevitably be challenges. Some people say the iOS market is dead, some people say they don't need native technology anymore, and some people say they can't find a job.

Is that really the case?

I've interviewed candidates who have been out of the running for a long time, and I've noticed a common thread:

1. I have been engaged in IOS development for many years, and I am basically engaged in repetitive work. I am busy dealing with the discussion, development, testing, release, maintenance and upgrade of various business requirements.

2. Accrassed project experience and salary through frequent job-hopping, but only after experiencing rigorous technical interviews in big companies did I find that I did not have a good grasp of apple developer enterprise program certificate and basic knowledge and seldom studied the underlying principles of Objective-C and Swift.

3. Sporadic development skills, no in-depth study of the third party source code, and poor self-drive in learning technology.

Have the knowledge of where the business needs to use, go to Google once used, to achieve the function is over.

What's more, I have worked for 5 years, and I can't even answer the basic memory management questions. I don't know anything about Pointers, and I don't know anything about the kernel.

As the mobile space matures and evolves, iOS developers are bound to go from small teams to large ones, from apple developer enterprise program certificate straw teams to specialist teams.

With competition suddenly increasing and demand tightening, how can iOS developers improve their game?

In fact, in recent years, there have been hot technologies in mobile development such as componentization, hot fix, dynamic, large front end, small program, etc. Most developers, usually the last hot technology did not understand, and then the new technology, such as React Native and Weex, did not warm up, and then became popular Flutter.

These technologies seem to be "numerous and messy", but in fact, they are the same, behind some common underlying technology, apple developer enterprise program certificate and innovative design ideas.

For example, the underlying technologies behind hot fixes, dynamic fixes, and large front ends are JavaScript virtual machine technologies such as JavaScriptCore.

For example, the large front end and the Flutter render using the Skia rendering engine in Webcore.

In the final analysis, instead of worrying about what the next hot topic is, it is better to settle down and digest the key technologies and apple developer enterprise program certificate left behind by the recent wave. I believe that understanding the nature of programming, establishing a complete knowledge system, and then learning and using various "new technologies" on this basis will inevitably lead to proficiency.

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