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Apple Developer Enterprise Program

Apple Developer Enterprise Program

We offer $20K to buy the account which has apple developer enterprise program.

Since this year, due to the stricter review, many iOS developer accounts have submitted IPA to be put on the shelves for review. The direct feedback is that the accounts have been investigated, and there is no specific APP reason

Feedback email translation


We are unable to continue this app's review because your Apple Developer Program Account is currently under investigation for not following the App Store Review Guidelines' Developer Code of Conduct.

We need apple developer enterprise program.

Common practices that may lead to an investigation include, but are not limited to:


We are unable to continue reviewing this App because your Apple Developer Program account is currently under investigation for failing to comply with the App Store's "Developer Code of Conduct" for reviewing guidelines.

Common practices that may lead to an investigation include, but are not limited to:

1. Inaccurately describe the application or service

2. Misleading app content

3. Participate in untruthful rating and review operations

4. Providing misleading customer support responses

5. Provide misleading responses in the Solution Center

6. Engage in misleading procurement or bait and switch schemes

7. Engage in other dishonest or fraudulent activities inside or outside the App

During our investigation, we will not review any applications you submit.Upon completion of the survey, apple developer enterprise program is not included. we will notify you through the Solution Center.

We are not asking you to provide any additional information at this time, nor will we share any other details.We would appreciate your continued patience during the investigation.

Best wishes

Here are some answers to understand what's going on.

1. Why is the account investigated?

A: Maybe the submitted APP has similar code. There are many similar apps in the market. It is believed that Majiaobao or the APP itself has violated the rules, because Apple has become more and more strict with the audit of the machine, which is easy to trigger!

2. How long will the account survey last?

Answer: the time is uncertain, most of the survey results within a month, but also a few months.If there is no problem with the investigation, it may also be directly approved by the APP.

Apple developer enterprise program needs to be approved by apple.

3. What should I do if my account is investigated?

Answer: During the investigation, do not operate, appeal and urgent are invalid, can only wait for the result.In the investigation stage, no matter what the submission is, the reply will be unified. The reply will be that your account is investigated, and the account investigation will not end until there are two results.

1) Direct trial;

2) If rejected, there is an explicit rejection clause;

4. If an App is investigated, will it affect other apps under the same account?

A: Although it said in the investigated email that there would be no review, it is actually for this one App. Other APP projects can still be submitted for normal review.Do not change the account of the same APP, or delete it and submit it again for review. After the investigation, it may be directly approved.

5. If I transfer the investigated APP to another developer account for resubmission, will there be any problem?

A: Because it is a survey of apps, transferring apps is not likely to be effective and may be judged to have been submitted twice.In addition, it is not recommended to delete the APP under review, which is likely to be considered malicious concealment by Apple and directly lead to the ban.

6. Was the investigation conducted by machine or by person?

Answer: basic determination is the machine is examined, and it is to check and examine again.Because from the point of view of the whole thing, it's the application of cleaning up the gray area.You may have different apps, but a lot of the basic functionality is the reuse of the same code module, which does save a lot of money, but now it's a lot more likely to be mistaken for duplicated apps. The fee of apple developer enterprise program is $299.

What will be the impact of the App after it normally passes the survey? Will it be listed as a key audit object?

A: So far, there is no impact. It may even have been marked as a safe object, and the audit went smoothly.

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