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Apple Developer Login

Apple Developer Login

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My apple developer Login has problem, but I could not find the problem.

After one month, I finally solved the problem that the Apple developer account forgot the security issue and could not enable the two-factor authentication. It was really not easy!

Dual authentication is not the point, the point is not to open the dual authentication can not access to the developer's website caused by a series of chain problems:

Cannot renew.The renewal portal is on the developer's website.

You may not be able to transfer the App.If Apple happens to update the developer agreement, you must go to the apple developer login website to receive the latest agreement before you transfer your App, otherwise you cannot transfer your App.

Luckily, I got both of the above.

I've tried almost everything mentioned on the Internet, and I've tried a few myself, but none of them worked:

Login to iClound with Mac to enable two-factor authentication without requiring security questions -- tried, no use, still need to answer security questions.

After the account trusts the device, there is no need to answer the security questions after opening the two-factor authentication. Theoretically, it should be OK, and I have a lot of hope, but after more than a week of personal testing, it still doesn't work.

Login to your account with the same phone number you have tied to your apple developer login account - still need to answer security questions.

Contact Apple Store customer service (non-developer customer service) -- they don't have any options.

PIN - I asked several customer service staff and they all said there was no such plan.

Finally, I solved the problem manually by contacting Apple Developer Customer Service. See the solution at the end of this article.

Two, the event

1. You must verify your identity to enable two-factor authentication

At the end of 2019, we have an old account to renew. Log in the developer website to renew and find that there is no dual authentication. Please open the dual authentication first.Opening two-factor authentication with a test machine login account prompts "You must verify your identity before enabling two-factor authentication".At the beginning, this apple developer login account was registered with the identity of a colleague. Maybe he filled in the security problems blindly at that time. After countless interviews, he made mistakes.When the account was registered, there was no rescue email, so it had to be tied to the mobile phone.


If you have any questions about developers, please contact Apple Developer Customer Service, not Apple Mall Customer Service (400 Customer Service).

The case number is very important. Include it in your follow-up contact (phone or email). This will help the new customer service staff quickly learn about your previous situation or help you connect with previous customer service staff.

After communicating with you, customer service will send you an email via Apple Developer Support. Replying to this email will not guarantee you a contact with a specific customer service provider, unless the email asks you to reply directly to the email.(The floor master guess, this mailbox should be a unified mailbox, Apple side through the case number or contact, according to some rules assigned to each customer service).If you want to contact a specific customer service person directly, please note the voicemail extension for that person (if they have left it).After dialing, enter the extension number, and you may hear a voiceover in several languages. After you hear the beep, you can leave a message. Be sure to clarify your case number.

Apple Developer Support can help you temporarily extend your developer account for a few days (usually 7 days), you can apply to them if necessary.

Each customer service level is not the same, the customer service you contact may say that only the company's account can be transferred, the individual can not transfer, you are unlucky, you can make a few more phone calls to try, and then ask for senior consulting consultant.

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