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Apple Developer Program

Apple Developer Program

We buy apple developer program which includes enterprise type membership, we offer $20k.

Developers continue to get unsuccessful renewals of apple developer program.What started as a virtual credit card failure became a one-size-fits-all failure to pay for all new applications and renewals, a global problem that continues to this day.

While some developers have managed to pay during this time, for the vast majority of developers, the failure to pay has had a significant impact on both new and existing accounts.

Apple and the bank have blamed each other for the payment problem, though the exact cause is unknown.However, the ball game is over today, as the Apple Pay issue has been resolved.

Just last month, Apple renamed the WWDC application "Apple Developer program."In addition to providing year-round in-depth information from Apple experts, including news, video, WWDC content, etc., the new Apple Developer also allowed developers in the US to sign up for Developer accounts and renew (at the time only in the US).

On Dec. 17, Apple said that developers can now more easily sign up for the Apple Developer Program.Apple Developer apps now support registration in mainland China, allowing developers to make their apple developer program membership purchases using local payment methods on the iPhone or iPad.And because membership is offered as an automatically renewable subscription, it's easy to keep your account valid.Without further ado, let's look at the specific registration process.

Pre-registration preparation:

  1. System requirements: running iOS12.4, iOS13.1 or higher version of iPhone;Or run iPADOS 13.1 or later on an iPad and make sure it has a lock screen password, Touch ID, or Face ID enabled.
  2. Apple ID needs to enable two-factor authentication.
  3. You need to log into iCloud on your device.

Start registration:

  1. Go to the App Store to search and download the latest Apple Developer.
  2. Open the App and log in with your Apple ID (you need a developer's account that you haven't opened before or a new account that you have registered).

It should be noted that if the "register now" button on the interface is blue and clickable, it indicates that registration can proceed to the next step.If it is gray and unclickable, it means that the Apple ID you used this time cannot register for the apple developer program, so you need to change another account.

  1. Click "Register Now" to enter the registration process, where you need to fill in your personal information.Do not enter aliases, nicknames, or company names as your last name or name, otherwise it will delay the registration process.
  2. This new photo for face authentication.Your face must look the same as your ID card before you can proceed to the next step.
  1. Improve personal address information, need to pay attention to this page to fill in the information in English letters, otherwise it will report an error.When you're done, tap Continue.
  2. Select the type of account you want to sign up for. Select "Personal" if it's an individual.

If it is the identity of the organization to register, choose the account type, also need to improve the information of apple developer program according to the interface prompts, including entity type, legal entity name, D U N S number, headquarters address and telephone number, website, signature right confirmation, etc.Once the registration information has been validated and approved, you will receive an email informing you that you can complete the registration in the Apple Developer App.

  1. Purchase through the App Store account (you can bind yourself to WeChat or Alipay), and successfully register the developer account.

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