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Apple Developer Support

Apple Developer Support

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Although Apple's iPhone12 has become the latest hot product, problems have followed. The original iPhone12 series still has problems with the signal, but it is completely different from before.There is a lot of feedback online about this situation, and no effective solution has yet been found.How does Apple developer support respond to this situation?They offer three possible solutions, but for now they are only possible, and they have their own interpretation of the phenomenon of no service

The main problem with Apple's iPhone12 is that the phone's signal gets weaker and weaker and then goes into a no-service state, almost like a dead zone.But after entering the no-service state, the phone will not switch back by itself, so there will be no signal, whether the main card or the secondary card will appear this phenomenon, very random, the only solution is to restart.And at present, similar phenomenon is gradually increasing.Even so, Apple developer support said they had received no feedback from customers.

Apple developer support has three solutions to this problem.The first is to unplug the SIM card and reload it, the second is to update the operator information in the network Settings, and the third is to update to iOS14.2 system.But in terms of maneuverability, the maneuverability of pulling out the SIM card is not strong, unless you carry a card return needle;The latter two seem to do nothing to help the problem.If none of these options work, try something else, so in all cases, a direct restart is still the preferred option.Of course, if you can, you can go directly to the Apple Genius Bar and try your luck

As to whether this was a hardware or software issue, Apple developer support said it was generally a software issue.If there's a hardware problem, they get a message and a fix, and say Apple won't let a hardware BUG go unnoticed.In fact, however, Apple developer support signal problems with the first two iPhone models were a real example, and Apple didn't offer any solutions at all.However, not many of the first batch of users encountered this problem and it generally broke out after November. The possibility of problems after upgrading the system is relatively high, so there should be a solution.

Finally, if you can let apple attaches great importance to and solve, the best thing to do is to let more cases of exposure, and many with apple customer communication and feedback, only enough attention and enough to cause serious incident to manufacturers, what has happened is that although the Internet related content are many, but apple developer support said to confiscate directly to the user feedback, and even some replies and comments also stressed that apple iPhone12 no signal problems, because they haven't met.To this can only say, if the user does not take the initiative, it will not touch Apple after-sales.So, are you considering buying an Apple iPhone12 anytime soon?

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