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Apple Developer

Apple Developer

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1. A few years ago, when I was a budding programming student, I was intrigued by all areas of apple developer.

Once in a programming related question on quora, I saw a humorous argument about various fields. When talking about the front end, he summed it up as: "The front end is simply to draw a web page".

After the joke, the author also inadvertently left the front end is very simple, relatively low-end impression.

Then I had several years of mobile terminal development experience and some practice in the back end.

In a recent work experience, I began to gradually understand the front-end field that I had not been involved in.

This experience really confirmed the saying "the ignorant are fearless", because I gradually found the charm of the front end, and even was attracted to her.

I classified this text in the essay, strictly speaking, it is not a technical article, the purpose of writing down is to record some of their own feelings, but also hope to communicate with you front predecessors and once and I have the same idea of students.

Second, the beginning of mobile terminal

When I was in university, the practice order of the Science and Technology Innovation Base in the project field was to start from the front end, and after completing a web project, to choose the back end, mobile terminal freely, or to continue to focus on the front end.

That's when I had my first impressions of the front end: programming to create a web page.

It was so easy to get started that at first I thought this field was nothing more than that.

The fierce momentum of various training institutions for front-end teaching has also created my misunderstanding of the "low-end" technical direction.

So I started learning about apple developer instead.

A few years later, in the process of mobile terminal learning, we are also constantly learning about other fields.

Due to the dependence of the mobile terminal on the backend, I also started the practice of backend development and tried several back-end languages.

But for so long, the front end has been about being able to simply write some HTML and read the code cursory.

And the understanding of it is the same as at the beginning.

3. Work experience of large front end

Some time ago, I started to work in a front-end team of dozens of people and took the position of apple developer. The mobile terminal engineer in the team was responsible for the Native part of ReactNative, Hybrid and other projects.

Due to the work needs, I began to learn JAVA Script.

My understanding of the language was "manipulating the DOM to achieve dynamic parts of the UI, data, and so on in a Web page."The work of the front-end engineers on the team was also very different from what I had imagined.

They will carry on the improvement of localization of the React framework, to add more ReactNative rich functions, they can create a more thoughtful products, such as according to the standardization of annotation automatically generated document tools, collaborative management platform and test the API and so on, in my impression of web pages painters should also can be the creator of all kinds of creative and practical products.

This gave me a new perspective on the front end.

Four, a new understanding of apple developer and the front end

With the deepening of my understanding, I began to come into contact with more front-end projects that broadened my horizon and gained a new understanding of front-end engineers.

Never quench the ambition to unify the three ends

Since any platform requires a Web runtime environment, it creates a "new arena for front-end engineers every time a new platform appears."

After the popularity of personal computers, because Windows and Mac OS had separate markets, each time a piece of software was released, developers had to write a different desktop client in a different language for each platform.

At this point, front-end apple developer engineers started to step up, creating Electron, and wanting to build a cross-platform desktop client out of the Web triad.

With smartphones all the rage, they created PhoneGap, an attempt to use the Web triad to develop cross-platform mobile applications.

They created Weex and even wanted to build native applications for various mobile platforms out of a single set of Web code.

They also created ReactNative, which apple developer wants to use Web code to write native applications for various platforms.

They keep trying to achieve this ambitious goal, and desktop client or mobile engineers keep following their work

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