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Apple Enterprise Account

Apple Enterprise Account

We still buy apple enterprise account in 2021.

The application guide for 2021 is as follows, which mainly requires the following steps:

1. Complete the real name authentication of Apple ID on Apple phone: the main process is to submit the real name and ID card number and other materials, including the verification of the authenticity of the phone number, so it is recommended to operate on commonly used Apple devices. We offer $20,000 to buy apple enterprise account.

2. Log in to the Apple Developer Center on the computer side. As the screenshot shows, the main process is to upgrade your normal Apple ID to a developer account, which is just the first step to becoming a developer. Please contact us if you have apple enterprise account.

3. Complete the application of Dun & Bradroad list according to the prompts: D-U-N-S Number is required for the developer to apply for the company name, and the developer to become the company name is a necessary condition for the subsequent application of the WeChat Alipay payment channel of the APP. We have been buying apple enterprise account for 5 years.

4. After you have the Dun & Bradstreet code, install the APP "Developer" (English name is "Developer") on your iPhone (Note: The name is so short, should be Apple's own, so not afraid of The name is occupied, is so domineering。

5. In the "developer" APP, follow the following steps to complete the real-name authentication, fill in the Dun & Bradroad code, the company's English name and other information, and wait for the confirmation by phone from the auditor of Apple, before you are eligible to pay the $299 developer membership fee. Please provide us apple enterprise account.

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