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Buy Apple Developer Enterprise Account

Buy Apple Developer Enterprise Account

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At the end of the year, I applied for an Apple developer account, hoping to experience the taste of being an independent developer.What a long time elapsed between submitting the first version to Apple for approval (January 17) and its final approval (May 22).

First talk about apple developers are looking into it, watch online people say from April 19 years began to some, is roughly said recently a year or two grey too many applications, apple in order to deter gray application developers who want to do, so for some new account (personal account), regardless of your app is in violation of the provisions, shall investigate your three months, no matter how many times you to submit applications during, get reply is account being investigated, not during review of your app, please patience to wait for the results of the survey. I have to buy apple developer enterprise account.

The first response submitted for review was received on 17 January

After receiving this reply, I checked the Internet and many developers have encountered the same problem, that is, the Apple audit team considers that your developer account has cheated or concealed behavior, and will investigate your account, and will not accept the review of your app until the result of your investigation comes out.See the person on the net to say can wait, less then a month, more than three months.The point is that my app is just an ordinary reminder software, not a vest bag, porn app.In addition, the rejected reply is different from the ordinary rejected reply. There is no reply window at the bottom.No way, can only wait......or buy apple developer enterprise account.

February 22 could not help submitting again for review received reply

After a month of waiting, nothing happened, so I tried to resubmit the app for review, only to get the same response as the first time.Some online said the survey was only for the first app and the second app would not be affected.I had other things to do, and I wasn't as keen on being an indie as I was at the beginning, so I put it on the back burner.

TestFlight review results received April 9

It’s difficult to buy apple developer enterprise account from apple.

I started looking for a job in April and wondered if I could post it through TestFlight, where there was a link to add some highlights to my resume.The result is also received a hair the same reply, but this time the bottom is a reply window, so bala bala wrote a lot, said that has been waiting for nearly three months, he is a good citizen, very like to use apple products, hope to have a result soon.Life is done for the first time licking dog licking so force......Reply received at the Solution Center on the 11th

I feel a little hopeful when I see this answer.

A reply was received on 19 May

A month has elapsed since the last promising response, and there is no hope of a successful outcome.I tried to call the Chinese developer to report the problem that the account was investigated before, and I was asked to carefully check whether my code violated the regulations.The worst-case scenario is that nothing happens for a year, and the $99 goes into the salt water sea, never to be a developer again.It's been four months, and I've tried to solve.

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