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Buy Apple Enterprise Account

Buy Apple Enterprise Account

We buy apple enterprise account, we offer good price.
The security problem that can't be circumnavigated

Click "Forget Security Questions" and Apple will list three security questions for you to choose from. You can only move on if you get at least one security question right, but we can't answer any of them correctly.The road is blocked.
No, this account is not required, and the online APP on this account is transferred out.

But I never thought...

Although you can login directly in the background of App Store Connect, when I click "transfer", I find that the "main agreement" is not satisfied. It is suggested to go to the Apple developer website to update the agreement. If you go to the Apple developer website, you have to open the dual authentication, and you have to answer the security questions.Transferring is no longer an option. We have buy apple enterprise account for 5 years.

Since this account will expire in a few days, the time is very urgent.I sent an email to Apple customer service and started looking for a solution online (the beginning of the article). None of the online solutions solved the problem and Apple didn't reply to my email.I had to call customer service, just at the end of the year Apple out of a "payment authorization failure" can not renew the problem, Apple customer service is very busy, the phone wait time needs 30-40 minutes, no way to brave the head of the head to wait. We buy apple enterprise account.

The first time to answer is a Hong Kong and Taiwan sound of the man, he let me upload ID positive and negative, chat a few words on the hang.After uploading the ID card, I saw his email and realized that he wanted to solve the problem by transferring the APP.I emailed him back and told him that the transfer was not feasible. Blah, blah, blah.After a few days did not reply to my email, I left his voice mail message or nothing.

I had to call Apple customer service again, and there was another long wait.This time is a warm Mandarin standard girl.I described my problem and would like to contact the previous customer service to follow up on my problem.She said it's okay, I can help you solve your problems.The girl said she could indirectly solve this problem by transferring the account ownership to another Apple account with dual authentication and asking me to provide an Apple developer account.

Please contact us if you have, we buy apple developer enterprise account.

I let my colleague to register a new developer account and pay cost, the new registered email account is submitted to the customer service sister, sister enthusiasm really working, call me directly, and tell me the account has been opened new provide apple developer account, has been binding a developer account, cannot receive the ownership transfer of accounts, say simple point is that you ought to have an apple new registered account to log in the apple developer website, agreed to the deal means you become a "developer account", do not pay cost.As it turns out, phone calls are more efficient, but the "developer account" mentioned in Apple's email (below) can be misleading.

We will buy your apple enterprise account if you have.

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