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In-House Distribution

In-house Distribution

We buy apple enterprise account for in-house distribution.

Many fans of this official account have their own exclusive overseas Apple account, and some friends often switch back and forth between the domestic App Store and overseas App Store frequently.

But every time when the login, always need to input a hard to remember account and a long password, the use of in-house distribution is very inconvenient.

Some friends often need to use their accounts and passwords for in-house distribution to log in to other apps or websites. If the login frequency is high, it is a waste of time.

In fact, Apple has a function of automatic account and password filling, which can help you manage many platform account and password information, as long as you need to fill in  advance, you can realize quick filling later, and achieve the effect of one-button login and one-button switch, which is safe and efficient.


We just need to click the "+" button in the upper right corner for in-house distribution, create a new account and password, and fill in as required.

Let me set up a domestic ID data and set up a United States ID data for example!

(The purpose is to make it easy for me to switch in-house distribution back and forth between the App Store in the US and China each time.)

Website: here the URL casually fill in, for example I want to record my domestic ID, I casually input CN.com.

Then the next time I create a profile with a US ID, I just fill in US.com.

Of course, you can customize CN and US by yourself.

User Name: Enter your real Apple ID

Password: Enter your real Apple ID password

Apple's own security privacy is very good, so use it safely

Supports multiple browsers to fill with one click

Easy to manage and record their account information

I'm running iOS14, so let's take iOS14 for example.

Maybe the interface before iOS14 is a little different in in-house distribution, but it doesn't matter, the principle is the same.

IOS14 "Password" in: Settings → Password (called Account and Password before iOS14)

One is the data of my domestic Apple ID, and the other is the data of the American ID

Once you've added the material, you can go straight to the App Store and experiment.

Go directly to the App Store to log out of the original ID, and then enter the ID you want to login in the input box, select the "password" in the input method, and then select the account and password you want to log in.

The above is just a demonstration of the App Store login and quick switching account auto-fill function.

In fact, this feature also works in the Apple device's browser auto-fill.

You can fully play their imagination, the use of mobile phone often need to log in some APP or website, basically can use this method to quickly fill.

Since Brother 6 often makes Apple ID, this function is very convenient for Brother 6, which saves his time and improves efficiency!

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