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Sell Apple Developer Account

Sell Apple Developer Account

Please sell apple develoep account to us if your account has enterprise program type membership, we can offer $20,000 for you.

The Apple Development Plan License Agreement has been updated.

Only if you accept the latest Developer License Agreement can you use certain functions of the ITC backend.

First, you need to update the mobile phone number associated with your Apple ID.

Your mobile phone number must be based on your country/region.

Fill in your mobile number at appleid.apple.com and return to your developer account to continue.

After getting the news, we measured for you developers, and drew the following conclusions:

  1. Multiple developer accounts can be repeatedly bound to the same phone number, only need to fill in the verification code, you can sell apple developer account to us, do not need to fill in the name or other information (it is currently, but it is not sure whether it will change in the future);
  2. If the account is newly registered, you can directly fill in the mobile phone number in the relative section of the registration page.


If you can't update your developer license without binding your phone number, here are some of the effects:

The ITC is unable to build a new App and a new version, which prevents the App from being arraignment.

Has a direct impact on the subsequent operations of all the developers.

Xcode development account cannot be debugged, prompting agreement to continue.

This may result in the inability to operate Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

Although it is not necessary to agree the agreement to operate every time in the actual measurement, it can be avoided as far as possible, ou can sell apple developer account to us.

Therefore, according to this change, we need to remind all developers, please enter the ITC background as soon as possible to add the phone number (do not take any small chances), otherwise it may affect the development, update and other operations.

It is predicted that Apple may implement this requirement overseas or even globally in the future;

At present, a single mobile phone number supports multiple accounts, you can sell apple developer account to us, and it is expected that the one-to-one single-account to single-account rule will be implemented in the future.

Recently, Apple has played a number of bullying CEO, "APP support URL and update log can not be changed at any time"...

So developers should take heed!

Click on the page to fill in the invitee's Name, Email and other information, the invitee will receive an Email.

After receiving the invitation, click the link and follow the instructions to register an account.

To avoid unnecessary trouble, ou can sell apple developer account to us, it is recommended to use the same Apple ID and the target email of the invitation.

Account management

This account is mainly divided into three levels:

Agent (creator), Admin (administrator), Member (ordinary Member)

Except for Agent other accounts are almost all Admin level, which can meet most of the needs.Among these accounts, Member has the lowest permissions, and even does not add   Device ID, almost only can enter the developer center to download things.

Agent can do add, delete the operation of the project, and then what the update protocol and the like also need Agent to click to confirm, the other and the Admin level should be no difference.

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