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Sell Apple Developer Enterprise Account

Sell Apple Developer Enterprise Account

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For the past two years, the conventional wisdom in the industry has been that mobile development has entered its second half.The second half, in my opinion, is the end of the wild growth phase of mobile development, not that it is a field that is going out of fashion.

In fact, the amount of time users spend on apps and the amount of money companies spend on mobile products are still growing rapidly.At the same time, as the industry trend shifts from C to B, enterprise-oriented apps are still a blue ocean.What's more, as AI, VR, and even 5G bring about the interconnection of everything, mobile development will be integrated with more new fields in the future.

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So, mobile development is still a huge and growing area for those of you who want to work in development.As one of the basic mobile terminal platforms, IOS development technologies will always be the key support for the large front-end technology.It's safe to say that the prospects for iOS developers are strong.

However, for most beginners in iOS development, there are some common problems in the learning process:

1. Most of the tutorials on the web are still based on iOS 6/7/8, which is several versions away from the current iOS 12 version, which is seriously out of date, and some of the Swift courses that have emerged in recent years are not in line with the current situation of Objective-C as the main development language ;

2. Most tutorials are not only outdated, they are out of touch with real development.At present, a large number of technical articles to source code analysis, the implementation of the underlying technology, the lack of actual engineering implementation, and the practical content is the beginner's most need, why not sell apple developer enterprise account to us;

3. Finally, scattered information can not help beginners to build a complete knowledge system, beginners often face a variety of articles, learning materials, spend a lot of time and energy, but finally still a little knowledge, can not form a systematic, overall grasp.

As a result, many beginners to iOS development are slow to learn and unable to do their work efficiently.I talked to some of my iOS developers and had a deep experience: iOS developers not only need to master the basic grammar and programming thinking, have to sell apple developer enterprise account, but also need to build a "development view" and understand the integration of technology and business.

What I've found is that the best iOS developers are the ones who have the ability to build an App on their own, or even become indie developers.In my opinion, if you want to become an iOS developer, there is nothing more effective than doing it yourself and developing an App.In this process, you just can develop "development overall view", all-around "fight strange upgrade".

Please sell apple developer enterprise account to us if you have.

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