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Sell Apple Enterprise Account

Sell Apple Enterprise Account

Please sell apple enterprise account to us if you have. We offer $20,000 to buy.

I asked the customer service sister, the account must not be the same identity application, the sister said yes, to avoid unnecessary trouble.The girl also said that after I submit the account, she will hand it over to the technical team to deal with, it may take some time, she has helped me to extend the old account for 7 days.

So I asked my colleague to register an Apple ID and submit it, and then I was waiting.A few days later, the old account was about to expire again. I called and sent emails to urge for several times, saying that the technical department was still dealing with it, and the customer service extended it for me for another 7 days.

It was still not resolved before last year, and I had no hope.During the Spring Festival, our App was removed because the account expired.Think about dealing with it after the holidays.After reading the email, it’s a good option to sell apple enterprise account to us if you don’t need it anymore. I found that the customer service replied to my email on the last day of the working day, saying that the technical department had finished the processing (it took 13 days from the submission to the technical department to the completion of the processing), and asked me to log in the account provided below to receive the developer account transfer agreement.

I opened the email of the receiving account, clicked the link in the email, logged in the receiving protocol, and found that this account really became the developer's account Agent, and the online APP was also on this account.Out of curiosity, I logged in the old account again, and found that the old account is no longer a developer account, and there is no entry for adding device certificate.

The two-factor authentication issue is solved, but the developer account has expired, the transfer button is missing, and the App is in the "waiting protocol" state.After dealing with Apple customer service for many times, I kind of understand the rights of Apple customer service, such as the transfer of account ownership, customer service has no authority, can only apply to the technical department for work order.Apple customer service has the right to temporarily extend a developer's account. Please sell apple developer enterprise account to us if you have. So I sent an email to customer service asking for a temporary agreement for a few days.On the third day, I received an email saying that my account had been postponed, so I quickly transferred the APP to the developer's account that I had paid the fee.

At this point, the old Apple developer forgot the complete problem of not being able to renew and transfer the App, which was satisfactorily solved in a month. If you sell apple enterprise account to us, we pay $20K.

3. Solutions

It took me a lot of time to solve this problem and I made a lot of detours. I sum up my experience and hope I can help you.

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